What's your ROI=Return On Intentionality?

Sloane Trugman Drives Awareness & Delivers Integrative Frameworks and Readiness Programs
Across Governing Bodies, Entrepreneurs, Institutions, Representative Organizations, Critical Infrastructures, Venture Partners, Impact & Emerging Technologies, Accelerators, and Start Ups
For Collaborative & Decentralized 21st Century Policy, Intelligence & Cyber, Economic
Resilience & Leadership Solutions

Our World, Identities, and Cultures Are Changing Fast


From Self Sovereign Identities, AI, Machine Learning, Blockchains, to Outer Space Technologies, The Democratization of Information and Truths Are Changing Responsibility Each Day


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Ms. Trugman is Founder and Executive Director of UPDATAD Project and Movement Creator and Leader to ROI=Return On Intentionality. She addresses changes to known security, leadership, and innovation systems from Earth, the evolution of digital and signals mapping, human condition, public policy, intelligences, economic, safety & security, accountability in leadership and the public, facilitating for thriving transitions globally.

Representative systems are advancing and digital technologies and data are more involved than ever. Sloane Trugman is helping to bridge the thriving gaps between humans, systems, and our machines.

As a System Analyst, In-Field/Immersive Researcher, Complexity Specialist & Policy and Program Driver working at the intersections of technologically and capitally shifting cities, states, countries, and individuals, Ms. Trugman's specialty is in abstraction, disassociated dot connection, and driving new programs and policy measures from new innovators and legacy organizations and sources.

She is the Founder/CEO to Amunet Insights LLC, a development & strategy advisory consulting practice focusing on Public-Private-Non Profit advancement and Founder/Chief of Research, Programs, and Initiatives at UPDATAD™ Project, a social welfare mission and security initiative focused on cyber, space intelligence, individual readiness, awareness, accountability, and assessment for the ethical and sustainable applications of data, identity, policy/governance and human relationship to it all. 

Sloane works across all layers of technological infrastructures and domains and is the first to represent Humans-Systems-Machines from space, artificial intelligence think systems, to the individual's data and all the contracts we're signing in between. She is introducing us to accountability initiatives, new compliance models, awareness and voice to the gravity and structure of how the physical and digital worlds are getting mapped, managed, understood, used, and updated, by bringing in how humans are still integral, with the highest vigor and honor of exploiting the human condition by going across communities from geopolitical peace and security organizations, governments, militaries, agencies, labs, non-profits/NGOs, to municipalities, venture firms/investors/social impact/progressive currencies, entrepreneurs, accelerators/incubators and global collaborative prizes under the

ROI= Return on IntentionalityTM  evaluation modality, movement, and framework.

Sometimes you have to get inside of the box in order to go beyond it.

Keep Up With Our Times Within Your Organization, Investments, End Users, and Constituents

Sloane Brings In Governance Layers & Awareness Principles

That Drive Knowledge-Forward 21st Accountability Systems


Full Coverage

Decentralization, Economic Visioning & Critical Infrastructures

Leadership, knowledge management, value systems, and distribution of Truths become new evaluation for security mechanism and investment.

Digitization, Databases & Rapid Deployment

Context, Index, Classification of individual qualifiers within complexity and sourced information become the single most important factors in multi-sourced and multi-layered data sets. 

Impact, Cultural Shifts & Policy Setting

New and important values create shifts in culture. The policies, procedures, investments, and management of these are critical.

Security, Cyber Resilience &
Dense Data Fusion

No more moats or walls, guns, steel, or drones. No more 30-100 year public private partnerships to manage natural resources and  signals, logs, or imagery distribution across publics. Digital reign and resiliency practices are critical to supporting modernized, digitized traditional-centralized and decentralized governed entities and regions.

Identity, Classifier Modernization & Transformation

New identity practices, policies, and discussions on privacy are emerging. Precision based data logs are not a scary non sequitur  left for intelligence agencies or policing organizations. It is every day and every end user.

Diversity & Difference Solutions Within Complexity

Cultures are now within data. We must evolve identity declarations and the managements, frameworks, audits, and accountabilit for such.


Your Readiness Within the 21st Century Starts Here

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